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LED Lighting, Solar and Energy Cost Recovery Solutions

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Three areas we can increase your energy efficiency and reduce your energy costs.

LED Lighting Upgrades, Incentives, & UVC Virus Prevention Lighting

UtiliTarget's LED and high efficiency lighting initiative can provide you with better lighting in your facility at a fraction of the cost! Reduce the lighting portion of your electric bill by up to 70% and take full advantage of all of the incentives and rebates available right now.

Community Solar Credits & Energy Supply Cost Reduction

Reducing energy costs, the natural way through our solar energy initiative. Learn how we can save you up to 20% off of your utility bills in just 2 minutes without having to install solar panels or buying special equipment.

Utility Error & Over Charge Recovery

Providing organizations with a simple, single source, risk free solution for identifying and recovering errors and overcharges in your operations which started with Electric, Natural Gas, Water, Sewer and Telecom and has now expanded into a broad range of services.

                                            Reduce Your Energy Costs - Enhance Your Lighting, Receive Your Community Solar Credits, & Return Lost money Back to Your Organization!

                                            UtiliTarget Energy Solutions Is your complete source when it comes to increasing your energy efficiency and reducing your operational costs at the same time!
                                            Our company is offering you multiple ways to reduce your bills and increase energy efficiency at the same time.

                                            Business Owners, CEO’s, CFO’s, Property and Operations Managers look to UtiliTarget Energy Solutions When they are

                                            • Frustrated by the escalating costs of their energy bills.

                                            • When they are looking to reduce costs.

                                            • When looking to improve the aesthetics or lighting quality inside or outside of your facility.

                                            • When they are tired of paying too much for their utility bills.

                                            • When they want to make sure their utility company is billing them correctly.

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