About us is Really About You...

Improving energy efficiency, reducing your monthly costs and adding to your bottom line!

UtiliTarget is an all-encompassing energy solutions company that will enhance your indoor and outdoor lighting systems. As project expeditors with National Grid, we work directly with every utility company to reduce the stress on the energy grid while securing the highest available incentives to pay for your lighting upgrades!

Through our   partnership with EnergyMark, we can guarantee the very   best pricing on your gas and electric energy supply needs.   Our insights in the industry allow us to set you and your supporters up with   community   solar   credits   that   are   guaranteed   to   reduce   your commercial or residential utility bills at least 10%   every month.  In addition, by selecting EnergyMark as both your electric and gas supplier of choice you will get an additional 5% off both services every month.  These are additional guaranteed discounts off your utility bills just for taking about 2 minutes of your time to claim them. 

For Commercial accounts we will do a custom proposal creating even larger monthly savings!

Our Error and Overcharge division we help you return lost money back to your organization due to errors, over charges and cost reduction opportunities not being realized on your utility bills!  Since we work only on contingency, we work very hard for you and are committed to capture, contain, and return as much money as possible and get it back to your organization!

We either find and recover funds or we don’t get paid!  It’s a great way not only to receive lost money back but also to stop the overcharges from continuing to happen both now and in the future