Local Law 87

Local Law 87 (LL87) is a vital NYC energy efficiency regulation. It requires large buildings to conduct energy audits and retro-commissioning to improve energy performance. UtiliTarget specializes in LL87 compliance, helping you reduce costs, save energy, and promote sustainability. Discover how we navigate LL87 requirements to unlock your building's energy efficiency potential.

UtiliTarget has been performing comprehensive LL87 submissions since the inception of the law. We understand the expectations of the Department of Buildings (DOB) and prioritize your compliance. A proper LL87 study consists of several key components, including:

Energy Audit

Our team conducts an on-site inspection and analysis of energy consumption, identifying base building systems such as lighting levels, mechanical schedules, building envelope, and documentation. We thoroughly analyze 24 months of energy consumption data and calculate energy conservation measures based on our observations and the property's specifics.


We fine-tune and optimize your existing equipment to maximize its efficiency. Our experts inspect for and address any deficiencies related to energy loss, safety, and functionality of equipment, as required by the law. We document the corrections made and include them in our final reports, along with calculations that demonstrate estimated savings and return on investment (ROI).

Functional Performance Testing: 
LL87 mandates that all major HVAC equipment undergo a functional performance test during the appropriate season. For example, boilers should be tested in winter under winter loading conditions, while chillers and cooling equipment should be tested in summer. This testing is a crucial part of retro-commissioning and standard protocol in a retro-commissioning study. It also fulfills the LL87 requirement. Rest assured, functional testing is always included in our proposal. Throughout this process, we conduct both visual and hands-on inspections, meticulously document any deficiencies, and complete an FPT form, which is included in our final reports. Additionally, we may identify deficiencies by analyzing combustion analysis or adjusting pressure controls. By choosing UtiliTarget, you can trust that we will handle your LL87 compliance diligently and effectively.