Local Law 84

Local Law 84 (LL84) is a crucial energy benchmarking requirement in NYC. UtiliTarget simplifies compliance and helps unlock insights into energy performance, leading to cost savings and informed decision-making. Discover how we streamline LL84 compliance for sustainable & efficient buildings. Take control of your energy efficiency today!

    LL84 (also known as LL33/LL133) Energy Benchmarking is a requirement in New York City (NYC) where building owners must submit the previous calendar year's whole building energy data by May 1st annually. UtiliTarget offers comprehensive benchmarking services to ensure compliance and avoid penalties for missing deadlines or submitting incorrect information.

    Our experienced team manages numerous benchmarking submissions each year, serving clients ranging from small companies with a few buildings to large management firms with extensive portfolios. We have expanded our services to other cities such as Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Philadelphia as benchmarking regulations become more prevalent.

    Here is our standard scope of work for NYC LL84 Benchmarking Compliance:

        1. Collect whole building energy data from utilities.     
        2. Obtain aggregated energy data (electric and gas consumption) from private utility companies.     
        3. Obtain water data for eligible properties with automatic meter readers installed.     
        4. Measure and record energy and water usage in Portfolio Manager.     
        5. Submit usage data through Portfolio Manager by May 1st.     
        6. Enter property information and characteristics in Portfolio Manager.     
        7. Use the Portfolio Manager data quality checker to ensure accuracy and completion.     
        8. Release data to the city to comply with the Benchmarking Law.     
        9. To complete the benchmarking process, our consultant requires utility bills from each supply company         (e.g., ConEdison, National Grid, PSEG). If applicable, we also include oil consumption data for the previous         calendar year, or we can directly contact the oil supplier on your behalf.

    UtiliTarget simplifies the LL84 Benchmarking Compliance process, providing expertise and guidance to help you meet the requirements effectively and efficiently.