Refund & Remove Erroneous Charges on Your Utility Bills

On average, 80% of companies are overcharged on utility expenses through calculation errors and discrepancies billed by the utility providers. The UtiliTarget National Utilities Refund works with the client to eliminate errors and overcharges, obtaining refunds from the local utility providers. There is no risk or obligation on the client’s behalf. The utility companies put the responsibility on you to assure your billing is accurate. The utilities refund works with clients on a national basis in a myriad of industries. Audits for the following utility expenses are performed at no out-of-pocket cost.

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We find errors on all your utility bills

Gas & Electric

Water & Sewage

Waste/ Refuse


Who is Eligible for a Utility Refund Audit?

 Commercial Businesses

All commercial businesses that have been in business for more than 1 year are eligible for a utility bill refund audit.

 Firms from Big to Small

Firms of all sizes, ranging from small businesses such as restaurants to large manufacturing plants franchises, hospitals, and stadiums.

 Utility Refunds Available in Every State!

Utility refunds are not limited to deregulated states. We are able to obtain refunds in all 50 states.

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Don't Let Your Utility Refunds Expire!

Most States have a 36-month statute of limitations on reporting and refunding erroneous charges on your utility bills!  After that, your money is lost forever! Don’t leave money on the table, let us help you claim what is rightfully yours.


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Don't Assume, Take Control!

Don’t assume your invoiced utility expenses are accurate just because they “look” right and fit the budget.  Take control of your costs.  Let UtiliTarget's National Utilities Refund audit your utility invoices – a minimal time commitment is all that is required on your part.  Contact a UtiliTarget energy solutions representative today to get started!

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Frequently Asked Questions

No.  At the end of the audit we will present a findings report.  The client has final say over what reductions and refunds they would like to move forward with.

No.  We will not report any errors found that have the potential to increase your utility expenses.  We will notify the client of these errors, however, we strictly audit to benefit the client.

Over 80% of the invoice audits performed by UtiliTarget have contained at least some overcharges and errors.  The only way to know if you are being overcharged or if your bills contain errors is to perform an audit by a utility specialist or the overcharges will continue to accrue.

Any commercial business, non-profit, municipality, or facility that has been billed a utility expense for at least 1 year.

Utility and telecom charges are coded into several different languages specific to the Industry; therefore, it is virtually impossible to review the bills for accuracy unless the auditor is trained in the field.  Only trained utility specialists who understand how to decode and translate the utility billing language will be able to effectively audit the bills for accuracy and communicate with the utility provider to correct the errors.