Errors & Overcharges Cost Recovery

Errors & Overcharges Cost Recovery

Approximately 92% of companies and nonprofit organizations are overcharged on their utility bills, and 99.9% of the time the error being made does not fall in your favor creating massive overcharges to your organization! How would you like an opportunity to not only get this money back but alsostop it from happening ever again!

In today’s world there are over 150 cost components to every utility bill! This means there are over 150 ways for there to be an error on your statement. Most of the time these overcharges are accidental, but they do happen more often than you think and they add up! These errors can be caused by human error, faulty equipment, in correct tariffs, tax misclassification or the application of incorrect rate plans.

We provide organizations like yours with a simple, single source, risk free solution for identifying and recovering errors and overcharges in your operations which started with Electric, Natural Gas, Water, Sewer and Telecom and has now expanded into a broad range of services.

A complete review of both the utility and the supplier is done to check for errors and overcharges. Every component of every bill is scrutinized for errors of any of the types described above.

Once mistakes have been identified, UtiliTarget presents its findings to the utility company, makes certain that the errors are rectified and arranges for recovery, which can take two forms: either a refund or credit is processed, or the utility bill is reduced by the amount of the error for future bills.

UtiliTarget works on a contingency basis. This means we will do all of the work up front for your organization without it costing you anything. If no errors or overcharges are found or recovered you get a clean bill of health and pay absolutely nothing. This is a no risk offer. We are only paid based on what we recover so we are very motivated to work extremely hard on your behalf. UtiliTarget will provide everything you need including an experienced staff of engineers and past employees of the utility companies who knows where these errors and over charges occur. This experience will help bring money back to your organization as well as remedy billing discrepancies in the future.