Enhance Your Lighting, Reduce Energy Usage and Lower Your Costs!

UtiliTarget Energy Solutions Is your complete source when it comes to increasing your energy efficiency, securing the best incentives, and reducing your operational costs at the same time! As a leader in energy efficient LED lighting we manufacture, sell, completely install as well as secure the highest amount of incentives and rebates available to your company. Energy Efficiency & Savings You will enjoy our experienced team of energy specialists and engineers who are dedicated to providing you with the most effective and efficient LED and UVC lighting in the country and over all best results!  Our Lights are esthetically pleasing and will make both the inside and outside of your facility look incredible.  The other benefit you will get is we only use Industrial grade lights.  Residential or even commercial grades are simply not going to give you the look, results, and durability that you need and are looking for.  If you’re looking for the very best products, professionally installed, get the highest incentives to reduce your costs and have the longest warranty in the industry today you’re in the right place! Our lighting engineers will optimize the lighting in your facility both for brightness and color spectrum.     You will get a custom proposal based on your wants and needs and not a one size fits all approach. Your proposal will be checked and verified by your utility company so you can be confident in it’s   accuracy.  Your proposal will show your energy savings, return on Investment and other benefits you will enjoy by converting your old inefficient lighting to our high impact energy-efficient LED lighting. As Project Expiditors for National grid and working directly with NYSEG we will coordinate with your electric supplier to help secure the most and highest amount of available incentives for you.


At UtiliTarget Energy Solutions we are totally committed to providing you energy solutions that will improve your facility while reducing your costs at the same time. We are here to exceed your expectations by delivering you the most efficient and cost-effective lighting, energy saving and cost reduction solutions available. Most of the time we can put together a plan that will pay for itself anywhere from a few short years to as little as just a few months. Many times, we can upgrade your lighting without you having to take anything out of your pocket!   Enhanced lighting, better esthetics, reduced energy usage, lower costs and largely paid for by incentives we will secure for you what could be better than that? Whether it be your parking lots, factory or office, we have the products to meet your needs: Area Lights, High Bays, Wall Packs, LED T8 Tubes, Pendant Lights, Flood Lights, Canopy Lights and Retro-fit Bulbs. Technical Expertise, Reliability, Experienced Sales Engineers, Diverse Product Line, DLC Certified Products, USA made or assembled lights or personalized support. You will be given our full range of service and support. In addition to our lighting enhancements UtiliTarget is also an ESCO company that can lock in the lowest prices on renewable resources like gas and electric for up to 3 years at a time.  Also take advantage of our utility error, overcharge, and cost reduction program to bring back lost money to your organization. This service is done on a contingency basis so we either bring back the money or we don’t get paid.  Keep in mind this is a No risk offer to make sure you are not overpaying now or in the future as well as get back most of the lost money from the past. Request Your FREE Energy Savings Plan Today!